Some Colorful Lizards

Wednesday I hiked to Mt. Wilson as my last training hike from my Grand Canyon Trip (I’m leaving within the hour). I enjoyed watching some colorful lizards going at it for a good ten minutes. Here’s some photos (click to enlarge). If you know what kind of lizards these are, please comment. I should have Grand Canyon photos and stories posted in around a week.

Weekly Nature Question #3: What Species of Lizard Is This?

My Weekly Nature Question is about my asking for help from the blogosphere (and other internet users) to learn about species living in Angeles Forest and to share that learning with others.  I’m really hoping that this turns out to be a viable and meaningful way to share knowledge.

The answer to last week’s tree question turned out to be a Limber Pine.  More information on this tree is now on it’s page in the Forest Life section of this blog and will be updated as new information is shared.

I’d like to extend thanks to:

Dave Bucholtz for being the first to correctly identify the species and to blogger Scott Turner of the blog 1000 miles for confirming the identification, providing a nice description and link to a photo.  As a side note, I assume Scott’s post with a link made it past the spam filter because he’s posted here before.  So, if you have a link to share and it doesn’t show up in the comments, please assume it went into spam and send me the link through my contact page.  I also want to say thanks to blogger Henry Mowry of the blog Mowry Journal for checking with his naturalist to confirm the identification and to everyone else who commented on this question.  Knowing what to look for led me to a page on the Encyclopedia of Life that also identified the Wally Waldron Tree as a Limber Pine.

This week nobody sent me any links to blog articles and I was unable to find any through the search feature in the WordPress reader.

This Week’s Question:  What species of lizard is this?  I’ve only seen this species of lizard one time in close to 1,600 miles of hiking in Angeles Forest.

November 2011

November 2011

Above photo taken from the South Fork Trail

November 2011

November 2011

Above photo taken from the South Fork Trail

November 2011

November 2011

Above photo taken from the South Fork Trail

Lizard Getting Tail

I saw an unusually high amount of lizards on my hike along the Mt. Wilson Trail on Wednesday. In some spots I felt like I needed to pay attention to not inadvertently step on one of them.  I was able to photograph a lizard behavior I’ve rarely seen before–one lizard biting the tail of another.

I was just walking along and all of a sudden two lizards appeared right in the middle of the trail and then stopped.  So did I.  This break in the action lasted long enough for me to pull my camera out and take a photo.  Then, the lizards apparently forgot about me and continued their interaction.

This lasted long enough for me to take another photo

And then there were three

I just missed getting a shot of the three of them entangled.  However, here they are getting ready to go their separate ways.

Later on, I also saw this “couple”

Among the numerous others I saw, this one in particular appeared to want to have his picture taken

This one too.