PCT: Little Jimmy to Islip Saddle [s]

A.K.A. Silver Moccasin Trail. Back to Silver Moccasin Trail Segments

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Segment: Pacific Crest Trail from Islip Saddle to Little Jimmy

Stats: From Islip Saddle to Little Jimmy: 2.1 miles, 780′ gain.  From Little Jimmy to Islip Saddle, 2.1 miles, 780′ loss.  Round trip; 4.2 miles 780′ gain and loss

Last Hiked: 1-24-2016


Islip Saddle to Mt. Islip: 6.7 miles, 1580′ gain and loss

View at Trailhead

View at trailhead

A road crosses the trail at about one mile up on the way to Little Jimmy.  Just follow the sign at that intersection and continue up the trail.

Intersection with road.

Little Jimmy Campground

More photos here

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