Dawson Saddle Trailhead

Location: Dawson Saddle Google Map (Angeles Crest Highway between Islip Saddle and Vincent Gap)

Dawson Saddle Vicinity Map

Parking: Parking may require a National Forest Adventure Pass.

Building near  original Trailhead with some parking available

Parking between original Trailhead and Boy Scout Trailhead (as viewed from near Boy Scout Trailhead)

Parking east of Boy Scout Trailhead


  1. Dawson Saddle to Mt. Lewis: 1 mile, 493′ of gain and loss
  2. Dawson Saddle to Throop Peak Lollipop: 4 miles, 1235′ of gain and loss.
  3. Dawson Saddle to Throop Peak out and back: 4.2 miles, 1235′ of gain and loss
  4. Dawson Saddle to Mt. Lewis and Throop Peak: 5.2 miles, 1728′ of gain and loss
  5. Dawson Saddle to Mt. Hawkins: 5.8 miles, 1,127′ of gain and loss.
  6. Dawson Saddle to Mt. Burnham and Throop Peak: 6.5 miles, 2,080′ of gain and loss.
  7. Dawson Saddle to Mt. Baden-Powell: 8.8 miles, 2236′ of gain and loss.


4 thoughts on “Dawson Saddle Trailhead

  1. Kyle – have you ever climbed Dawson Peak? I’ve looked for it here on your site but haven’t seen it.All I can find is a many years-old reference to getting to the trailhead. Any info is appreciated!



    • Yes, Dawson Peak is along the North Backbone Trail (not to be confused with the Devil’s Backbone Trail) to Mt. Baldy. The North Backbone Trail is pretty steep. If you send me an e-mail through the contact page, I’ll e-mail you a map. I’ve already posted pictures on my site–just look under the trail photos section.


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