SMT: Through Charlton Flats [s]

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Segment: from junction at south end of Charlton Flats to junction at north end of Charlton Flats.

Stats: From south jct to north jct: 1/2 mile, 320′ loss, from jct north to jct south 1/2 mile, 320′ gain, round trip: 1 mile, 320′ gain and loss.

Last Hiked: 2-18-12

Hikes: Silver Moccasin Trail from Angeles Crest Highway to Little Pines Loop (11.6 miles, 2740′ gain and loss)

Note: the Silver Moccasin trail is closed to all users throughout Charlton Flats indicated by clearly marked signs.  The temporary way to continue on the Silver Moccasin Trail is start at the junction shown below, 

South Junction At Charlton Flats across the road leading to Vetter Mountain.


and proceed until the trail meets another road.  At the road, turn left and follow the road until it meets up with the trail at the north end of the picnic areas passing by a few portions of the trail that are currently closed to all users.  The trail at this point is a road that is paved in some places.  I forgot to photograph at the junction, but here’s what it looks like close to it.

I forgot to photograph the trailhead, but this is a view back toward it. Note: the trail is a fire road during this stretch.


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