12 Peak Challenge Registry of Official Finishers

Below is a list of people (in alphabetical order by last name, numbers are simply for counting) who have officially completed the 12 Peak Challenge as described on the challenge page. As a way of saying thanks to official finishers, one of their public social media account names (if they desire) also appears next to their name. If desired, multiple finishes in the same year will be listed provided there is no double counting of hiking days.

Since nobody has had a chance to finish since I officially created the challenge, I will use the placeholder below as an example from my own hiking last year until someone does. Of note, there is a -1 following my last name. Increasing that number will be how I differentiate people with the same names.


  1. Kyle Kuns-1: hiked from 2-22-2016 to 12-1-2016 on 12 separate day hikes, 1st-time finisher. Instagram: hikingangelesforest