Winston Peak

Elevation: 7502′


  1. From Cloudburst Summit Trailhead, PCT to the JCT with the North Use Trail around Bump 6903 and then follow the Winston Ridge Use Trail to Winston Ridge. Return to the saddle at Bump 6903 and take the West Use Trail to Winston Saddle. From there, take the South Use Trail to Winston Peak and the North Use Trail to Cloudburst Summit. Stats: 4.7 miles, 1375′ gain and loss. First Hike: 1-25-14.
    1. From Winston Ridge it is possible to continue further west along the ridge. I did that on my first hike in the area. On that day, I only went another .15 miles before coming to a rock outcrop that I wanted to spend more time figuring out how I wanted to get around than I had time to do. Thus, not worthy of a separate route, but worthy of note for those wanting a longer hike. First Hike: 10-09-2014
  2. From Cloudburst Summit, I followed the PCT down to Cooper Canyon Falls passing Cooper Canyon Campground. I left the PCT on the way back to summit Winston Peak from using the north trail and I took the south trail back down to Cloudburst Summit. Stats: 7.1 miles, 2180′ gain and lost. First Hike: 3-10-2016.
  3. From the parking area at Mile Marker 54.10 on Angeles Crest Highway, I followed the PCT to Cloudburst Summit and followed the South Use Trail up to Winston Peak. In addition, I explored about 0.2 miles around the peak not included in the following numbers. Stats: 7.6 miles, 1462′ gain and loss. First Hike: 11-1-2015.
  4. From Cloudburst Summit, Pacific Crest Trail to Cooper Canyon Falls, return via Winston Ridge and Winston Peak. Stats: 8.6 miles, 2550′ of gain and loss. First Hike 3-29-2017.
  5. From Mile Marker 54.10 along Angeles Crest Highway, I hiked the Pacific Crest Trail to Cloudburst Summit and then followed it around Bump 6903 from the north face. I then followed the Winston Ridge use trail to Winston Ridge Peak. On return, I went around Bump 6903 on the west face and summited Winston Peak before returning to Cloudburst Summit and following the Pacific Crest Trail back to parking: 11.1 miles, 2353′ of gain and loss. First Hike: 7-21-2016
  6. From Three Points Trailhead, Pacific Crest Trail to Cloudburst Summit. From there, follow the South Use Trail up to Winston Peak. Stats: 11.4 miles, 1977′ gain and loss. First Hike: 12-7-2014.

Views from Winston Peak (Click image to view larger size)



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