Backpacking In Angeles Forest

Descriptions in order of shortest to longest distance:

  1. →Cloudburst Summit to Cooper Canyon Campground to Winston Peak Overnight: 5.8 miles, 2,270′ of gain and loss. First Trip: 7/1/18 to 7/2/18.
  2. → Backpacking trip. Day one: Islip Saddle Trailhead: Pacific Crest Trail to Pleasant View Ridge to Mt. Williamson; continue along Pleasant View Ridge past 2nd bump of Mt. Williamson, up to the 3rd bump of Mt. Williamson (8248′); continue on the Pleasant View Ridge Trail to Pallett Mountain. Day two: Pallet Mountain down to Burkhart Saddle; Burkhart Trail to Buckhorn Campground; Shuttle Hike; 10.1 miles, 3614′ gain, 3814′ loss. First Hike: 6-29-2014.
  3. → Backpacking Trip. Day one: Islip Saddle to Little Jimmy and set up camp. Little Jimmy to Mt. Islip and back. Day two: Pacific Crest Trail from Little Jimmy to Hawkins Ridge Trail; Hawkins Ridge Trail around Middle Mt. Hawkins to its south Saddle; hike the ridge up to Middle Mt. Hawkins and down the use trail to the north saddle; return to the Pacific Crest Trail and hike down to Islip Saddle: 12.2 miles, 3235′ gain and loss. First Hike: 6-22-2014.
  4. Icehouse Canyon to Icehouse Saddle to Cedar Glen (2 days: 12.2 miles, 3800′ gain and loss)
  5. → Backpacking Trip. Day one: Islip Saddle to Little Jimmy and set up camp. Little Jimmy to Mt. Islip and back. Day two: Little Jimmy to Throop Peak and back; down to Islip Saddle: 13.6 miles, 3268′ gain and loss. First Hike: 5-30-2014.
  6. → Backpacking Trip. Day One: Icehouse Canyon to Kelly Camp. Day Two: Kelly Camp up to Ontario Peak; down to the saddle with Bighorn Peak; round trip hike to Bighorn Peak, down to Kelly Camp to pack up gear. Kelly Camp down to Icehouse Saddle, up to Cucamonga Peak and back; up to Timber Mountain and back; down to Icehouse Canyon Trailhead: 20.4 miles, 6560′ gain and loss. First Hike: 7-20-2012.
  7. → Backpacking Trip. Day one: Icehouse Canyon to Kelly Camp. Day two: Kelly Camp down to Icehouse Saddle, up to Cucamonga Peak, down to lower JCT with Chapman Trail via Icehouse Canyon (to meet others); back up Icehouse Canyon (stopping to get water at Columbine Springs) to Kelly Camp. Day three: Kelly Camp up to Ontario Peak, down to saddle with Bighorn Peak; round trip to Bighorn Peak; down to Kelly Camp, down Icehouse Canyon to trailhead: 25.4 miles, 8075′ gain. First Hike: 5-17-2013.

8 thoughts on “Backpacking In Angeles Forest

  1. Hi, I’d like to hike the Silver Moccasain trail(53 mi) in mid March 2019. I can’t seem to locate any trail data that would let me know the normal trail conditions and weather at that time. Can you point me in the right direction?


  2. Hi there, I’m curious to know more about # 6 ( looking for the most difficult 3 day backpacking route in this area). Do you have any other suggestions?


  3. I’m looking to cut through the mountains, starting in the Altadena at either Chaney Trail or Echo Peak and hiking through to the Valyermo area. Do you know any hikes that go through?

    I’ve made it to Mt. Lowe campground, but have missed the next leg from there.


    • There are a few options. Too much info to post here in a comment. Send me an e-mail through my contact page and I’ll give you a complete itinerary with links to photos of key points in the trails etc. Basically, you’ll end up going over Mt. Lowe, through Meuller Tunnel, down the Valley Forge Trail, across the Gabrieleno Trail, up the Silver Moccasin Trail (a.k.a The Pacific Crest Trail above Three Points), take a detour around the PCT closure area, and hike down the South Fork Trail.


  4. Hello, am looking for entry level overnight hikes for my boy scout troop from easy to challenging, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you..


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