Silver Moccasin Trail from Angeles Crest Highway to West Fork Trail Camp

Trailhead: Silver Moccasin Trailhead 1

The Trailhead starts across the street from the parking area as shown below facing Mt. Wilson

View at trailhead

Trail: Silver Moccasin Trail from Angeles Crest Highway to West Fork Trail Camp

Stats: 6.8 miles, 1700′ of gain and loss

Last Hiked: 11-22-2015

Trail Segments: Follow the trail down to the dirt road and continue as described for the Silver Moccasin Trail.

Photos: Silver Moccasin Trail


Impressive Regrowth Throughout Shortcut Canyon

Death and Continued Life Along The Silver Moccasin Trail to the San Gabriel River

This hike begins by mostly going through recovering burn areas.  However, most of the time there are views of areas that missed getting burned in the Station Fire.  With the forest now recovering, this makes for an interesting tapestry of burn areas, recovery vegetation, and areas that survived the fire often all in the same view.  About half way to the West Fork Trail Camp, the grade becomes less steep and continues along a stream leading to the San Gabriel River.  Starting fairly confined, the canyon opens significantly. The life that the water sustains provides a further juxtaposition with the burn areas and helps provide hope for the long term vibrancy of the forest.  In August 2011 my brother and I saw around a hundred frogs or tadpoles.  See Creatures Gallery for photos of some of the creatures found along the trail in June 2011 or August 2011. 

View at confined area of stream which feeds the San Gabriel River

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