Three Points to Mt. Waterman Loop

Trailhead: Three Points

Three Points Trailhead

Trail: Three Points to Mt. Waterman Loop via the South Mt. Waterman Trail and a cross-country/faint hiker’s trail traverse of the west ridge of Mt. Waterman.

Track Map for Three Points to Mt. Waterman Loop from December 2017 using Backcountry Navigator (US Forest Service-2013 map) from my phone.

Stats: 11.3 miles, 2,320′ of gain and loss.

Last Hiked: 12-3-2017

Route Description:  From the parking area at Three Points, follow the trail next to the toilets down to Angeles Crest Highway, cross the highway, and follow the Lower South Mt. Waterman Trail to a junction with the Twins Peak Trail. At the junction continue going up to follow the Upper South Mt. Waterman Trail to the next clearly marked junction. From there, follow the Mt. Waterman Summit Trail to the peak. From the peak, keep following the trail west staying to the south along the ridge instead of veering north down other paths. The trail will eventually curve onto a road. A short distance down the road a rock outcrop surrounded by trees as shown at the bottom of the Upper West Mt. Waterman Ridge page will appear. The ridge consists of part faint hiker’s path, part mild cross-country trek. Along the ridge, there are numerous rock outcrops to go through or around. There is one point where it is easy to go to the south instead of north around some rocks as shown on the map above. I’ve made that mistake the two times I’ve gone down from the peak (going up from below the choice is obvious). The next important point is the subtle junction with the West Waterman Trail that leads down to the parking area at Angeles Crest Highway Mile Marker 54.10. Avoid that switchback and continue going down the lower portion of West Mt. Waterman Ridge until it meets back up with the South Mt. Waterman Trail. Follow the South Mt. Waterman Trail back to Three Points.

Peak: Mt. Waterman


View from the lower portion of West Mt. Waterman Ridge (12-3-2017).