South Fork Trail

Trailhead: Islip Saddle Trailhead or South Fork Trailhead

Hike from Islip Saddle to South Fork

View at trailhead.

View at  Islip Saddle trailhead.



Or from South Fork to Islip Saddle.

View of the South Fork trailhead parking area.

Trail: South Fork Trail

Stats: 10.4 miles, 2130′ of gain and loss.

Last Hiked: 11-16-11

Segments: From the unmarked South Fork Trailhead at the Islip Saddle parking area, take the South Fork Trail down to South Fork Campground or from South Fork Campground or the parking area for the South Fork Trailhead, hike up to Islip Saddle.

Points of Interest: South Fork Campground

Photos: South Fork Trail

South Fork Trail.

South Fork Trail.

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