Junction at Echo Mountain [s]

Segment: Junction at Echo Mountain

Last Hiked1-27-2016

View approaching Junction from Lower Sam Merrill Trail

View at first fork looking back down Lower Sam Merrill Trail, left leads down the Lower Sam Merrill Trail, right follows the Lower Mt. Lowe Railway Trail to the Cape of Good Hope.

View looking straight (instead of the back as shown above) at arrival to the junction from the Lower Sam Merrill Trail.  If going to Echo Mountain White City ruins continue straight until you reach them.  Along the way you will pass junctions for the Middle Sam Merrill Trail and the Castle Canyon Trail.

View at junction to the Middle Sam Merrill Trail leading to the junction with the Inspiration Peak Trail.  Both Middle Sam Merrill and the Inspiration Peak Trail lead to Inspiration point.

View at junction with Castle Canyon Trail leading to Inspiration Point.

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