[For those who are not bloggers, blog awards are bestowed to blogs by other bloggers mostly as a way to promote awareness of one’s own blog and the blogs of others one likes to read.  To accept an award, the recipient is expected to write a post usually thanking the person who nominated them, answering a number of questions, and nominating some number of other blogs for the same award].

In the past, when I received blog wards, I haven’t participated in the process.  The main reason was I would need to make an off topic post to my blog.  Many of the people who view my blog are people I meet in person on the trails and who are also mostly not bloggers themselves.  As a result, I’ve been hesitant to stray away from the narrow focus of this blog.  I also think I would (without trying) find a way to make my part of the nomination process take about a week.

However, I do like receiving these awards.  Who wouldn’t enjoy learning that someone likes their blog?  Although I still don’t want to expand the content of my blog posts to include blog posts about awards, I at least want to support those who are essentially promoting my blog better than I have.  So, I’ve decided to create this page (similar to the approach of several other blogs I’ve seen) where I will list the awards bloggers have given me in the order of most recent and provide a link to the bloggers who nominated me below (in alphabetical order if multiple bloggers give me the same award).

Thanks to all the bloggers who have supported me! 

Sunshine Award

Mowry Journal


Hiking to Healthy

Sahbinah Violet Flynn

Blog of the Year Award 1 star jpeg

Mowry Journal

2 thoughts on “Awards

  1. I refreshingly like your thoughts and logistical approach towards awards, as I’ve been pondering the same concerns recently. Inserting an “off topic” post seems too much like inserting an obligatory technicality into what otherwise is in itself a purposefully balanced “process.” Accordingly I may borrow your method, and support the valued supporters while not interfering with the overall site flow. Thanks for the heads up. M


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