SMT: Fire Road JCT to Little Pines Loop [s]

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Segment: From junction at fire road to junction at Little Pines Loop

Stats: From JCT fire road to JCT Little Pines Loop: 0.8 miles, 335′ gain, from JCT Little Pines Loop to JCT fire road: 0.8 miles, 335′ loss, round trip: 1.6 miles 335′ gain and loss.

Last Hiked: 2-18-12


  1. Little Pines Loop to Vetter Mountain via VMT: 7.4 miles, 1240′ of gain and loss.
  2. Little Pines Loop to Vetter Mountain via SMT 9 miles, 1250′ of gain and loss.
  3. Silver Moccasin Trail from Angeles Crest Highway to Little Pines Loop (11.6 miles, 2740′ of gain and loss)

Silver Moccasin Trail junction at fire road

Junction at Little Pines Loop.  Left leads to Little Pines Picnic Area, right leads to the continuation of Silver Moccasin Trail toward Chilao Flat.

Click for photos along the trail.

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