Cobb Estate to Echo Mountain

Trailhead: Cobb Estate Trailhead

Note: Trailhead is not directly connected to parking area.  See trailhead page for directions

Cobb Estate Trailhead for Lower Sam Merrill Trail

Trail: Lower Sam Merrill Trail from the Cobb Estate to Echo Mountain.

Stats: From the Cobb Estate to Echo Mountain 2.6 miles, 1399′ gain.  From Echo Mountain to the Cobb Estate: 2.6 miles, 1399′ loss.  Round Trip: 5.2 miles, 1399′ gain and loss.

Last Hiked: 4-15-12

Trail Segments:  Take the Lower Sam Merrill Trail from the Cobb Estate to the Junction with the Lower Mt. Lower Railway Trail.  From the junction, continue straight to the White City Ruins at Echo Mountain.

Points of Interest: White City ruins at Echo Mountain.

Photos: Echo Mountain, Lower Sam Merrill Trail

The White City ruins at Echo Mountain have several signs with historical photos telling the story of the resort that existed in the early 1900’s at Echo Mountain.  There are remnants of the resort, the incline railway leading to it, and the electric railway leading from Echo Mountain to the Alpine Tavern near Inspiration Point.  If you like ruins and history, this is an excellent destination.  

The Lower Sam Merrill Trail is mostly without shade and the views are outward to the city.  This makes for a great winter hike or morning/dawn hike during other seasons.  It’s a popular trail where you will find people traversing at night.  On a clear day, Catalina Island can be easily seen.    

View from the Hotel Stairs overlooking the landing for the Incline Railway.

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