Afoot & Afield: Los Angeles County

Schad, Jerry Afoot & Afield: Los Angeles County 3rd Ed.  Berkeley, CA: Wilderness Press, 2010

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Photos From Hikes: (linked hike #’s lead to my step by step instructions)

Photos from hikes described in Ch. 20: Angeles Forest: Arroyo Seco & Front Range

Trip 5: San Gabriel Peak

Note: Schad also describes hiking to San Gabriel Peak from Eaton Saddle. Route Instructions for that hike are here. Below are photo galleries (that differ from above) for this option.

Trip 6: Mt. Lowe

Trip 7: Bear Canyon. I haven’t documented all segments of this hike (though I’ve traversed all of them). See my post: Trail Conditions Along Upper Bear Canyon for more information.

Trip 11: Mt. Lowe Railway. See my post: Castle Canyon for more information about the Castle Canyon Trail portion of this trip.

Trip 12: Inspiration Point

Trip 13: Strawberry Peak

Photos from hikes described in Ch. 21: Angeles Forest: Mount Wilson & Front Range

Trip 5: Mt. Wilson Loop. I’ve only added segment pages that show photos of just the junctions.

Trip 12: Valley Forge & Devore Trail. I’ve only documented the Valley Forge Portion

Trip 13: Angeles Crest to Chantry Flat (I’ve only documented one segment)

Photos from hikes described in Chapter 22: Charlton-Chilao Recreation Area

Trip 2: Vetter Mountain The trail Schad describes was burned in the Station Fire of 2009. The above link provides the current route description.

Trip 4: Mt. Hillyer (I haven’t yet documental all segments of this trip). However, this trip gives route instructions to Mt. Hillyer without the described loop to Santa Clara Divide Road. Also, this trip is longer but more interesting (in my opinion anyway) than going the Santa Clara Divide route.

Photos from hikes described in Ch. 24: San Gabriel Wilderness

Trip 2: Upper Devil’s Canyon. See my post: Heart of Devil’s Canyon for more information.

Trip 4: Mt. Waterman Trail

Trip 5: Waterman Mountain & Twin Peaks (I haven’t documented the entire route).

Photos from hikes described in Ch. 25: Angeles Forest: High Country & North Slope.

Trip 1: Cooper Canyon Falls

Trip 4: Mount Islip–North Approach (the version described in the note at the end of the description starting from Islip Saddle and following the PCT.

Trip 5: Mt. Williamson

Trip 6: Pleasant View Ridge (I haven’t documented the last segment of this trip)

Trip 11: Burkhart Trail (I’ve documented just from Buckhorn Campground to Burkhart Saddle)

Trip 12: South Fork Trail

Photos from hikes described in Ch. 26: Angeles Forest: Big Pines & Sheep Mountain Wilderness

Trip 5: Mt. Baden-Powell Traverse

Trip 11: East Fork to Bridge See my post A River, A Bridge, And A Bighorn Sheep for more information.

Photos from hikes described in Ch. 27: Angeles Forest: San Antonio Canyon & Old Baldy

Trip 5: Cucamonga Peak

Trip 7: Old Baldy–East Approach. See my post: Ski Lift Shortcutting Our Way To Baldy

Trip 8: Old Baldy–South Approach



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