San Gabriel Peak

This hike is one of my favorites largely because it reaches the highest peak in the Angeles Forest front country area south of Angeles Crest Highway.  The views are spectacular in all directions and the peak itself is only the size of a large room offering a wonderful perch for 360 degree viewing.  There’s also a nice bench to relax on and take in the excellent views of too many peaks to name and to see as far away as Catalina Island on a clear day.  All this for a measly 2.4 miles round trip from the Eaton Saddle Trailhead or 3.6 miles from the San Gabriel Peak Trailhead  I consider this one a “must do.”

Today I was hiking in a group of family and friends.  Taking advantage of the multiple cars needed for all of us to get to the hike we did a car shuttle and hiked 3 miles from the San Gabriel Peak Trailhead up to San Gabriel Peak and down to Eaton Saddle.  This was a lot of fun as there was very little retracing of steps.

We met several interesting people at San Gabriel Peak.  Among them were Chris and Jeanne who also have a blog sharing hikes in Angeles Forest as well as compelling adventures from around the world.

The photos below were taken over multiple hikes of the above mentioned trails.

7 thoughts on “San Gabriel Peak

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    • I was close by today with my daughter and some friends. We started from Eaton Saddle and went down to Mt. Lowe Campground where the ruins for the Old Alpine Tavern are as is the remains of the last point on the Mt. Lowe Railway. Great to hear you liked the hike. Did you go from Eaton Saddle or the SGP Trailhead by Red Box?


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  4. Kyle, It was great meeting you briefly yesterday! Thanks for the heads up about that Poodle Dog Bush I was about to get myself in to…

    Looking forward to more posts on your blog!


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