Hike: Inspiration Peak Trail

Since so many hikers already know how to hike to Inspiration Point, I decided to post this trail segment in advance of putting together a complete hike detailing how to get to it–which is forthcoming.  This short one mile trail is a wonderful ridge hike connecting Inspiration Point to Inspiration Peak and coming down close to the middle of the Sam Merrill Trail between Inspiration Point and Echo Mountain.  Instead of following the Sam Merrill Trail around the mountain, this trail goes over it providing magnificent views throughout.  While not maintained at the level of surrounding trails, it is obvious how to proceed by following the ridge in spots where the trail itself isn’t as clearly defined.  There is one spot that some hikers might find a little tricky but likely easier to recognize coming down rather than up. With that in mind, I suggest starting from Inspiration Point the first time trying it.

This trail isn’t on any map or documentation I have been able to find.  Thus, the name isn’t official.  Also, the Peak itself (west and slightly north of Inspiration Point) may be un-named.  It is often confused with Muir Peak (which is east and slightly south of Inspiration Point).  More information and photos here.

2 thoughts on “Hike: Inspiration Peak Trail

  1. Hi Kyle!

    GREAT blog, very useful for directions! Your pictures are beautiful. Cannot wait to read your blog about your hike today!


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