San Gabriel Peak Trail

Trailhead: San Gabriel Peak

View from San Gabriel Peak Trailhead

Trail: San Gabriel Peak Trailhead to San Gabriel Peak

Stats: From trailhead to peak: 1.8 miles, 1,411′ gain; from peak to trailhead 1.8 miles, 1,411 loss; round trip: 3.6 miles 1,411′ gain and loss.

Last Hiked: 1-8-2012

Route description with trail segment pages: From the trailhead, take the Lower San Gabriel Peak Trail to the junction with Mt. Disappointment Road.  Proceed up Mt. Disappointment Road to the Saddle between Mt. Disappointment and San Gabriel Peak.  At the saddle, turn east (left) and proceed  a short distance, go down the trail leading off Mt. Disappointment Road, and continue up past the junction with the South San Gabriel Peak Trail.  Continue up the Upper San Gabriel Peak Trail to the peak.




Looking down on Mt. Markham and Mt. Lowe with Catalina Island off in the distance.



4 thoughts on “San Gabriel Peak Trail

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    • No snow right now. However, the peak is above 6,000′, so keep an eye on weather. It will be covered in snow several more times this year. Also, this trailhead is very close to the Red Box parking area making it easily accessible even if the gate at Mt. Wilson Road is closed. The last time I snowshoed this trail the gate was closed.


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