Backpacking Outside Angeles Forest

Descriptions in order of shortest to longest distance:

  1. → Backpacking Trip: Day one: Marion Mountain Trail up to Little Round Valley, set up camp; hike to Mt. San Jacinto and back. Day two: Little Round Valley down to Marion Mountain trailhead: 11.8 miles, 4534′ gain and loss. First Hike: 6-23-2013.
  2. → Backpacking Trip: Day one: Starting from the Sherman Tree parking lot, Congress Trail to Alta Trail to Mehrton Meadow. Day Two: Mehrton Meadow up to Alta Peak, down to Panther Gap, down the Lakes Trail to the Wolverton parking lot; Shuttle Hike: 15.2 miles, 4450′ gain. First Hike: 7-13-2013.
  3. → Backpacking Trip. Day one: Angelus Oaks to Limber Pine Bench to set up camp. Limber Pine Bench to Limber Pine Springs and back for water. Day two: Limber Pine Bench up to San Bernardino Peak (west trail up, east trail down to form a loop at the peak); then, down to Angelus Oaks: 18 miles, 4900′ gain and loss. First Hike: 6-1-2013
  4. → Backpacking Trip. Day one: Vivian Creek Trail to Mt. San Gorgonio. Day two: Mt. San Gorgonio to Dry Lake via the Sky High Trail; the Dry Lake Trail and South Fork Trail to South Fork; Shuttle Hike: 20.7 miles, 5422′ gain, 4622′ loss. First Hike: 5-13-2013.
  5. → Backpacking Trip. Day one: Car Camp at Whitney Portal. Day two: Whitney Portal to Trail Camp. Day three: Trail Camp to Mt. Whitney down to Whitney Portal: 22 miles, 6486′ gain and loss. First Hike: 8-13-2012.
  6. → Backpacking Trip. Day one: Humber Park Trailhead: Devil’s Slide Trail up to Pacific Crest Trail up to Wellman Divide Trail up to Wellman Divide; down to Round Valley. Day two: Round Valley up to Mt. San Jacinto; down to Little Round Valley, down to Pacific Crest Trail down to Devil’s Slide Trail down to Humber Park. 22.2 miles, 6224′ gain. First Hike: 7-25-2012.
  7. →Backpacking Trip Grand Canyon. Day one: South Kaibab Trail to Bright Angel Campground. Day two: North Kaibab Trail from Bright Angel Campground to Cottonwood Campground. After setting up camp, round trip hike to Ribbon FallsDay three: North Kaibab Trail from Cottonwood Campground to the North Rim and back. Round trip hike to Ribbon Falls to get water. Day four: North Kaibab Trail from Cottonwood Campground to Bright Angel Campground, Bright Angel Trail to the South Rim. 49.7 miles, 10,920′ gain. First Hike: 4-1-2013.

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