Eaton Saddle to San Gabriel Peak

Trailhead: Eaton Saddle Trailhead

Trail: Eaton Saddle to San Gabriel Peak

Stats: 3.2 miles, 1071′ gain and loss

Last Hiked: 11-25-2015

Trail Segments: From Eaton Saddle, go to Markham Saddle.  At Markham Saddle, there are three trails.  Take the South San Gabriel Peak Trail to the junction where you will turn right and head up the Upper San Gabriel Peak Trail to the peak.

Peaks: San Gabriel Peak

Points of Interest: Mueller Tunnel

Photos: Eaton Saddle to Markham Saddle, South San Gabriel Peak Trail, Upper San Gabriel Peak Trail

This hike yields great views of canyons and peaks throughout.  It passes through Meuller Tunnel with excellent views down Eaton Canyon toward Henninger Flats as it winds around the base of the San Gabriel Peak.  This hike reaches the highest peak in the Angeles Forest front country area south of Angeles Crest Highway.  The views are spectacular in all directions and the peak itself is only the size of a large room offering a wonderful perch for 360 degree viewing.  There’s also a nice bench to relax on and take in the excellent views of too many peaks to name and to see as far away as Catalina Island on a clear day

View from San Gabriel Peak on one of those rare days when it’s covered in snow.

3 thoughts on “Eaton Saddle to San Gabriel Peak

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  2. Hello,
    So to get to San Gabriel Peak, I turn right at Markham Saddle (at the water tank), and then turn right again at the junction with Mt. Disappointment trail?



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