Trail Canyon to Falls and Tom Lucas CG Area

Trailhead: Trail Canyon

Trail Canyon Trailhead

Trail: Trail Canyon to Trail Canyon Falls, Lazy Tom Lucas, and the Tom Lucas CG Area.

Track map for Trail Canyon Trail to Falls and Tom Lucas Area from April 2017 using Backcountry Navigator (US Forest Service-2013 map) from my phone.

Stats: 8.5 miles, 1715′ of gain and loss. (Starting from the gate at Big Tujunga Canyon Road)

Last Hiked: 4-3-2017

Route Description: Starting from the gate at Big Tujunga Canyon Road (this route can be shortened by 0.8 miles if the gate is open leading to parking at the trailhead), follow the road past the fork in the road which leads up to Gould Creek Saddle. Currently, there is a sign clearly showing to veer right and continue following the road down which eventually leads to the parking area and the trailhead. The trail starts out as a road and over time becomes a single track leading to the falls. The falls are easily seen and heard from the trail. However, locating the trail down might not be obvious to everyone. Look for an unmarked spur trail which will lead down and initially away from the falls before leading to a steep scramble down to the falls area. There is another spur trail leading down from the main trail a short distance up the trail which leads down to the upper area of the falls. Beyond the second spur trail, the main trail isn’t currently being maintained, but, it is currently still easy to follow along the stream with several stream crossing leading up to Lazy Tom Lucas CG (which is simply a clearing with a metal fire pit). Continuing further, the trail becomes more overgrown and more difficult to follow (currently, some cairns are helpful). As shown on the map above, I made it to the area where Tom Lucas CG should be located. My friend and I couldn’t find it. Without time to make it to the next good turning point (the saddle between Condor Peak and Iron Mountain). In the future, I will either plan to turn around at Lazy Tom Lucas CG or leave enough time to make it to the above-mentioned saddle.

Trail Canyon Falls (4-3-2017)