Dawson Saddle to Throop Peak Lollipop

Trailhead: Dawson Saddle

View from one of the trailheads from Dawson Saddle. Both lead to the Dawson Saddle Trail and are about the same distance. As a result, either trailhead can be used to start or finish the hike. 

Trail: Dawson Saddle to Throop Peak Lollipop

Track map for Dawson Saddle to Throop Peak lollipop from September 2017 using Backcountry Navigator (US Forest Service-2013 map) from my phone.

Stats: Trailhead to Throop Peak: 2.1 miles, 1235′ gain, Throop Peak to Trailhead via ridge 1.9 miles, 1235′ loss.  Round trip: 4 miles, 1235′ of gain and loss.

Last Hiked: 9-23-2017

Route description with trail segment pages: Follow the Dawson Saddle Trail to the junction that forms a T-intersection with the Pacific Crest Trail. At the PCT, turn right and look for the Throop Peak Use Trail and follow that to the summit. From the summit, follow the ridge down to the Dawson Saddle Trail and return to the trailhead.



View looking down the ridge connecting Throop Peak to the Dawson Saddle Trail (9-23-2017).