Horse Flats Campground (Car Camping)

Horse Flats Campground is accessible by car, has vault toilets, and no water.  Reservations not required but fees are paid at the self-service fee station at the entrance.  Closed winter months (typically November to April).


  1. Silver Moccasin Trail from Chilao to Horse Flats: 2.2 miles, 460′ of gain and loss.
  2. Chilao to Mt. Hillyer: 5.2 miles, 1015′ of gain and loss.
  3. Silver Moccasin Trail: Three Points to Horse Flats: 5.4 miles, 1050′ of gain and loss.
  4. Three Points to Mt. Hillyer: 9.4 miles, 1535′ of gain and loss.
  5. AC MM 54.10 to Mt. Hillyer Lollipop: 11 miles, 2130′ of gain and loss.

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