Horse Flats Campground (Car Camping)

Horse Flats Campground is accessible by car, has vault toilets, and no water.  Reservations not required but fees are paid at self service fee station at entrance.  Closed winter months (typically November to April).


Silver Moccasin Trail from Chilao to Horse Flats: 2.2 miles, 460′ gain and loss.

Silver Moccasin Trail: Three Points to Horse Flats: 5.4 miles, 1050′ gain and loss.

Chilao to Mt. Hillyer: 6.2 miles, 945′ gain and loss.

Three Points to Mt. Hillyer: 9.4 miles, 1535′ gain and loss.

One thought on “Horse Flats Campground (Car Camping)

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