Gabrieleno Trail to Oakwilde and Debris Dam

Trailhead: Gabrieleno Trail (JPL) Trailhead

View of trailhead at the corner of N. Windsor Avenue and Ventura Street in Altadena

Trail: Gabrieleno Trail to Oakwilde Campground (in ruin) and the Debris Dam at the end of Paul Little Picnic Area

Description: From the trailhead at the corner of N. Windsor Avenue and Ventura Street in Altadena, follow the paved road (which is part of the Gabrieleno Trail) down to turn that leads to JPL. At the turn, continue going straight (heading north) until you reach a junction with Lower Brown Mountain Road. Veer left and continue heading north along the Arroyo Seco. The Gabrieleno Trail will follow the Arroyo Seco with numerous stream crossing as you pass Gould Mesa Campground, Nino Campground and arrive at Paul Little Picnic Area. There is a large sign which also marks a split in the trail. Turn right to continue following the Gabrieleno Trail to Oakwilde Campground (now in ruins). Along the way, you will have several stream crossings. Eventually, you will reach a confluence of the Arroyo Seco and a creek coming out of Dark Canyon. The ruins of Oakwilde Campground are across the Arroyo Seco. If you get to the Ken Burton Trail, you’ve gone too far. Return to Paul Little by retracing your steps. At Paul Little, walk through the picnic area to reach the Debris Dam. Follow the Gabrieleno Trail back to the trailhead.

Stats: 11.4 miles, 1,325′ of gain and loss.

Track Map for the Gabrieleno Trail to Oakwilde Campground Ruins from January 2018 using Backcountry Navigator (US Forest Service-2013 map) from my phone. Note: Paul Little Picnic area is located incorrectly on the map. See green arrow for the correct location.

Last Hiked: 1-18-2018.

Oakwilde Campground Ruins (1-18-2018).