Dawson Saddle to Mt. Baden-Powell

Trailhead: Dawson Saddle

Note: There are two trailheads from Dawson Saddle.  They connect a short distance up the mountain and lead to the junction with the Pacific Crest Trail

Boy Scout Trailhead east of Original Trailhead

Old Trailhead (across from building)

Trail: Dawson Saddle to Mt. Baden-Powell

Stats: Dawson Saddle to Mt. Baden-Powell: 4.4 miles, 1866′ gain, 370′ loss.   From Mt. Baden-Powell to Dawson Saddle: 4.4 miles, 370′ gain, 1866′ loss.  Round trip: 8.8 miles,  2236′ gain and loss.

Last Hiked: 7-12-2015

Trail Segments: From either trailhead take the Dawson Saddle Trail to the junction with the Pacific Crest Trail.  Go left (east) at the junction and take the Pacific Crest Trail to Mt. Baden-Powell.

Trail Photos: Dawson Saddle Trail, Pacific Crest Trail

Peaks: Mt. Baden-Powell

This hike has excellent views throughout.  When asked what my favorite hike is in Angeles Forest, I tell people any trail that leads to Mt. Baldy after it gets above 7,000 feet.  After that is the Pacific Crest Trail from Islip Saddle to Mt. Baden-Powell with my favorite segment being the trek from the JCT at Dawson Saddle to Mt. Baden-Powell which is a key component of this hike.  The PCT portion of this trek essentially follows the ridge with views above 8500′ in elevation most of the way.  Being high on a ridge, the view is unobstructed in both directions allowing you to view the desert or the ocean (on a clear day I’ve seen to Catalina Island).

The Pacific Crest Trail from the Dawson Saddle JCT to Mt. Baden-Powell

8 thoughts on “Dawson Saddle to Mt. Baden-Powell

    • I’ve seen a number of Boy Scout Troops completing this hike. The troops tend to split up as endurance for individual scouts differs. So, my main suggestion would be to have one adult for every 3-5 scouts if possible.


    • Hi Alex, yes it is off the 2. Click on the “Dawson Saddle” link next to the word “trailhead” at the top of this page and it will take you to a vicinity map. If you are still unclear, click on the link above that map and it will take you to the same view on google maps which you can then zoom out from. Have a great hike!


  1. This is a great description of a great hike. We like it too. Always cool even in the dead of summer. A great cardiovascular hike, with many spots where it almost levels out and/or goes down a bit so you can catch your breath. Me likey.😀


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