Eaton Saddle to Markham Saddle [s]

Segment: Eaton Saddle to Markham Saddle (through Mueller Tunnel)

Stats: From Eaton Saddle to Markham Saddle: 1/2 mile, 180′ gain; from Markham Saddle to Eaton Saddle: 1/2 mile, 180′ loss; round trip: 1 mile, 180′  of gain and loss

Last Hiked: 1-29-2018.


  1. Eaton Saddle to San Gabriel Peak: 3.2 miles, 1071′ of gain and loss
  2. Eaton Saddle to Mt. Lowe, 3.2 miles 520′ gain and loss 
  3. Eaton Saddle to Mt. Markham, 3.2 miles 790′ gain and loss.
  4. Eaton Saddle Trailhead to San Gabriel Peak to San Gabriel Peak Trailhead: 3.4 miles, 1071′ gain, 1411′ loss
  5. Eaton Saddle to Mt. Lowe, Inspiration Point, Mt. Muir, and Mt. Markham: 8.8 miles, 2211′ of gain and loss.
  6. Eaton Saddle to Mt. Lowe and Brown Mountain: 9.1 miles, 2,520′ of gain and loss.

Eaton Saddle Trailhead

Markham Saddle JCT

More photos here

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