AC mm54.10 scouting hike

Trailhead: Angeles Crest Mile Marker 54.10

Trail: Scouting hike of the road/trails leading up from Mile Marker 54.10.

Track map for scouting hikes starting from Angeles Crest Highway mile marker 54.10 from March 2017 using Backcountry Navigator (US Forest Service-2013 map) from my phone.

Description: After a pretty hot week, I didn’t expect to see snow in the mountains. Having only trail-runners, I decided to explore a route I’d taken several years ago with my son. On that day and this one, I got stopped by snow about 1.5 miles up. However, there was less snow this time which allowed me to see that the trail might continue past the 1.5-mile point when free of snow. On the way back down, I followed a spur trail until I didn’t see a way forward.

Stats: 3.7 miles, 685′ of gain and loss.

Last Hiked: 3-16-2017.

View from the “trail” past the junction where the road continues toward three points and the “trail” leads up the west face of Mt. Waterman.