GT: Red Box to Valley Forge [s]

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Segment: Gabrieleno Trail: Red Box to Valley Forge Trail Camp

Stats: Red Box to Valley Forge: 2.3 miles, 1,160′ loss.  Valley Forge to Red Box: 2.3 miles, 1,160′ gain.  Round Trip: 4.6 miles, 1,160′ gain and loss.

Last Hiked: 2-21-2016

Hikes: Red Box to Valley Forge: 4.6 miles, 1,160′ gain.

View at Trailhead looking down stairs that begin the trail.

Less than a mile from the start, the trail crosses Rincon Red Box Road.  Head toward the center of the road.

As you get close you will notice a sign indicating where the trail continues just to the right of the center of the curve (but left of the road).

If coming from the opposite direction (e.g. from West Fork) the view is as shown below, just cross the road to continue along the trail.

A little further along the trail, you will pass Camp Hi-Hill

Not far after that, you will pass some cabins

The trail continues past the cabins and through some trees.

A little further along the trail, you will pass another cabin

Not far after the cabin, you will come to a clearing, head slightly right

and you will see a sign showing the continuation of the trail.

You will then come to a fork in the road.  Down to the left is Valley Forge.  Up to the right is the continuation of the Gabrieleno Trail to West Fork.

If coming from the opposite direction (e.g. from West Fork) the view is as shown below–Valley Forge is to the right and Red Box is to the left.

The Valley Forge Campground has picnic tables and toilets.

More photos here

4 thoughts on “GT: Red Box to Valley Forge [s]

  1. Thank you for the note about the clearing. The last time I tried this I went left at the clearing and we ended up just putting up the tents over there somewhere (it was 1am). Now I know to keep right and to ‘forge’ on. Great pics!


  2. First off, these pictures are excellent! Really makes it easier as you go along if you take a good look at these before and write down the turns described here. You won’t go wrong! Just hiked this trail 6/10 and 6/11/13 for an overnight stay. This is a beautiful trail with wildflowers, running water and shade almost the whole way. Steepest, hottest part is only the very beginning/end of the trail after the parking lo, the rest is idyllic.
    Just so folks know, when you pass the first little red cabin after the camp, the trail heads down into the the creek bed which has gotten very overgrown of late. The trail almost looks like it stops, but push through the bushes, cross the river/stream of water, and the trail is clear on the other side. Also, the trail markers in the clearing just past the second stone cabin don’t seem to be there anymore, but the path is vey clear through there. Great hike!


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