Islip Saddle to Middle Mt. Hawkins and Mt. Islip

Trailhead: Islip Saddle Trailhead

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Trails: Pacific Crest Trail, Hawkins Ridge Trail, Middle Mt. Hawkins Summit Trail, North Islip Ridge Trail, Mt. Islip Summit Trail.

Track map for Islip Saddle to Middle Mt. Hawkins and Mt. Isliip from June 2017 using Backcountry Navigator (US Forest Service-2013 map) from my phone.

Stats: 9.9 miles, 2,640′ of gain and loss.

Last Hiked: 6-23-2017

Route Description:  Take the Pacific Crest Trail from Islip Saddle up to Little Jimmy Campground.  At Little Jimmy Campground, there are two options to continue. To continue on the Pacific Crest Trail to Windy Gap, follow the trail that leads away from Little Jimmy Campground. Little Jimmy Springs with year round filterable water is between Little Jimmy Campground and Windy Gap. At Windy Gap, continue following the Pacific Crest Trail up to the junction with the Hawkins Ridge Trail, turn right (south) and follow the Hawkins Ridge Trail to the first saddle and go up the hiker’s trail to Middle Mt. Hawkins. Return to Windy Gap the same way and follow the Islip Ridge Trail to Mt. Islip.  You will pass the junction with the Mt. Islip Trail on the way up (which leads more directly to Little Jimmy Campground).  Also, there is another junction near the top, just continue up the trail (down leads to the Big Cienega Trail).  From Mt. Islip,  either follow the Mt. Islip Trail down to Little Jimmy and follow the PCT back to Islip Saddle (cutting 0.1 miles from the hike I did which is shown on the above track map) or return to Windy Gap and follow the PCT back to Islip Saddle. The main reason to return to Windy Gap is to pass by Little Jimmy Springs and filter some water for the last portion of the hike (which I needed to do).

Points of Interest: