Upper Sam Merrill Trail [s]

Segment: Mt. Lowe Road to Mt. Lowe

Stats: From Mt. Lowe Road to Mt. Lowe: 1.3 miles, 1,123′ gain.  From Mt. Lowe to Mt. Lowe Road: 1.3 miles, 1,123′ loss.  Round-Trip: 2.6 miles, 1,123′ gain and loss.

Last Hiked: 3-3-2016


Eaton Saddle to Mt. Lowe, Inspiration Point, Mt. Muir, and Mt. Markham: 8.8 miles, 2211′ gain and loss.

Sam Merrill Trail to Mt. Lowe: 13.8 miles, 3802′ gain

Upper Sunset Ridge Trail to Mt. Lowe: 15.2 miles, 3508′ gain and loss.

Mt. Lowe Railway Trails to Mt. Lowe: 15.5 miles, 3802′ gain

View at Trailhead from Mt. Lowe Road

Trail Sign

Junction with Upper East Mt. Lowe Trail.  Right leads up to Mt. Lowe

More photos here

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