Trail Canyon Trailhead

Location: Trail Canyon on Google Maps.

Vicinity Map for Trail Canyon Trailhead.

Parking: Parking may require a National Forest Adventure Pass. When the gate for North Trail Canyon Road is closed, parking along Big Tujunga Road is available. The gate is 0.4 miles and approximately 65′ of gain to the trailhead parking area.

View of the gate from Big Tujunga Road.

There is a fork in the road leading to trailhead parking. Follow the road leading down on the right.

Fork in the road leading to Trail Canyon Parking Lot.

A small parking area is available near the trailhead when the gate is open (which is not often)

The small parking area at the trailhead for Trail Canyon. Trailhead is on the left.


  1. Trail Canyon to Falls: 4.8 Miles, 930′ of gain and loss.
  2. Trail Canyon to Falls, Lazy Tom Lucas, and Tom Lucas CG Area: 8.5 miles, 1715′ of gain and loss.