GT: Chantry Flat to JCT Lower Winter Creek [s]

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Segment: Chantry Flat to JCT Lower Winter Creek

Stats: From Chantry Flat Trailhead T1 (next to the lower parking area) to JCT Lower Winter Creek: 0.7 miles, 310′ loss. From JCT Lower Winter Creek to Chantry Flat: 0.7 miles, 310′ gain. Round Trip: 1.4 miles 310′ gain and loss

Last Hiked: 3-27-13


  1. Chantry Flat to Hermit Falls, Sturtevant Falls, and Spruce Grove CG: 9.7 miles, 1970′ of gain and loss.
  2. Mt. Zion Loop via Upper Falls and Upper Winter Creek: 9.7 miles, 1980′ of gain and loss.
  3. Mt. Wilson: Gabrieleno Trail, Upper Falls Trail, Sturtevant Trail, Upper Winter Creek Trail Loop: 13.9 miles, 4110′ gain.

View at TrailheadTwinPeaks2_001

Take the road that leads down from the lower parking area (see T1 on map) View of sign a short distance along the road.P1010637

Continue on the road past the sign for the First Water Trail.P1010638

When you cross the Bridge, veer to the right to continue along the Gabrieleno TrailP1010310-L

More photos here (under construction)

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