Mt. San Gorgonio

Elevation: 11502′


  1.  → Backpacking Trip. Day one: Vivian Creek Trail to Mt. San Gorgonio. Day two: Mt. San Gorgonio to Dry Lake via the Sky High Trail; the Dry Lake Trail and South Fork Trail to South Fork; Shuttle Hike: 20.7 miles, 5422′ gain, 4622′ loss. First Hike: 5-13-2013

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Mt. San Gorgonio Photos (Click image to view larger size)


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2 thoughts on “Mt. San Gorgonio

  1. Beautiful images and a great story of your trip – it appears such a dry landscape and seeing snow in such dryness is outside my experience here in Australia. One day I will get back there and this time I’ll go to the mountains not just the city.



    • Thanks Chris. I’m sure you’ll enjoy the mountains if you make it out here. If you come in winter there will be several places where you can see snow. Let me know and I’ll give you some suggestions.


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