Angeles Crest Parking to JCT Silver Moccasin Trail [s]

Segment: Angeles Crest Parking at Charlton Flats to JCT Silver Moccasin Trail

Stats: From parking to JCT Silver Moccasin Trail: 0.8 miles, 170′ gain; From JCT Silver Moccasin Trail to parking: 0.8 miles, 170′ loss; Round Trip: 1.6 miles, 170′ of gain and loss

Last Hiked:4-11-15


  1. Silver Moccasin to Charlton Flats Shuttle Hike: 3.8 miles, 1310′ of gain, 670′ loss 
  2. Charlton Flats to Vetter Mountain: 4 miles, 520′ of gain and loss
  3. Silver Moccasin to Vetter Mountain to Charlton Flats Shuttle Hike: 6.2 miles, 1660′ of gain, 1020′ loss

View at Trailhead

The road will lead to an intersection, continue up to the left

The road will lead to another intersection, again continue up to the left

View at Junction with Silver Moccasin Trail in the direction leading to Angeles Crest parking area.

View at junction with Silver Moccasin Trail looking in the direction up to Vetter Mountain

View of Picnic area at JCT with Silver Moccasin Trail

More photos here

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