Mt. Baldy (Mt. San Antonio)

Elevation: 10,064′


  1. Baldy Notch (via ski lift) to Mt. Baldy and back via Devil’s Backbone Trail: 6.4 miles, 2224′ gain and loss. First Hike: 7-25-2012.
  2. Manker Flats up to Baldy Bowl Trail up to Register Ridge Trail up to Mt. Harwood up to Mt. Baldy; down Baldy Bowl Trail exploring the crash site: About 8.2 miles, 4675′ gain and loss. First Hike: 7-9-2012.
  3. Baldy Bowl Trail (aka Ski Hut Trail) to Mt. Baldy: 8.4 miles, 3904′ gain. First Hike: 5-23-2011.
  4. Baldy Bowl Trail and Devils Backbone Trail Loop to Mt. Baldy: 11 miles, 3904′ of gain and loss. First Hike: 10-27-2011.
  5. Manker Flats: Road to Baldy Bowl Trail to Mt. Baldy; round trip to West Mt. Baldy; down Devil’s Backbone to Baldy Notch, down road to Manker Flats: 12.1 miles, 4279′ gain and loss. First Hike: 9-24-2012.
  6. Manker Flats: Road to JCT San Antonio Falls; Round Trip to San Antonio Falls, Road to Baldy Notch, Devils Backbone Trail to Mt. Baldy, Round Trip to West Mt. Baldy and back, Baldy Bowl Trail to Manker Flats: 12.25 miles, 4325′ gain and loss. First Hike: 9-7-2011.
  7. Manker Flats: Road to to Mt. Baldy via the Baldy Bowl Trail; down the North Backbone Trail to the saddle with Dawson Peak; back up to Mt. Baldy, down Devil’s Backbone to Baldy Notch and down the road to Manker Flats: 12.5 miles, 5190′ gain and loss. First Hike: 6-6-2012.
  8. Mt. Baldy Trail (aka Bear Canyon Trail) from Visitors Center to Mt. Baldy and back: 13 miles, 5745′ gain. First HIke: 9-22-2011.
  9. Icehouse Canyon up to Icehouse Saddle; Three T’s to Mt. Baldy and down to Manker Flats; Shuttle Hike: 16.4 miles, 6784′ gain, 5524′. First Hike: 5-16-2012.
  10. Blue Ridge Campground, Pacific Crest Trail to North Backbone Trail to Mt. Baldy (didn’t summit Pine Mountain or Dawson Peak); back down North Backbone Trail and followed the road back to Blue Ridge Campground: 18.4 miles, 4822′ gain and loss. First Hike: 10-19-2011.

360 Degree Panorama: View 

Views from Mt. Baldy (Click image to see larger size)

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