Manzanita Trail to Vincent Gap

Trailhead: South Fork Trailhead

View of Manzanita Trail (A.K.A. High Desert Trail) Trailhead. Note: It is at least 5.5 miles to Vincent Gap and not the 5 miles indicated on the sign.

Trail: Manzanita Trail (A.K.A. High Desert Trail)

Track map for Manzanita Trail: South Fork to Vincent Gap from April 2017 using Backcountry Navigator (US Forest Service-2013 map) from my phone.

Stats: 11 miles, 2,500′ of gain and loss.

Last Hiked: 4-20-2017.

Route Description: From the sign marked Manzanita Trail across from the South Fork Trailhead Parking Area, follow the trail to Vincent Gap. In spring, a few easily crossed seasonal streams will be present.

Points of Interest: South Fork Campground

Plenty of Oaks and Pines provide shade along the Manzanita Trail–A.K.A. High Desert Trail–(4-20-2017)