Silver Moccasin Trail Segments

1. SMT: Chantry Flat to JCT Lower Winter Creek (A.K.A. Gabrieleno Trail)

2. SMT: JCT Lower Winter Creek to Fern Lodge Junction (A.K.A. Gabrieleno Trail)

3. SMT: Falling Sign Junction to JCT Sturtevant Trail (A.K.A. Gabrieleno Trail)
4. SMT: JCT Sturtevant Trail to Newcomb Pass (Under Construction)
5. SMT: Newcomb Pass to Devore Trail Camp (Under Construction)
6. SMT Devore Trail Camp to West Fork Trail Camp (Under Construction)

7. SMT: West Fork Trail Camp to Angeles Crest Highway

8. SMT: Angeles Crest Highway to Charlton Flats

9. SMT: Through Charlton Flats

10. SMT: North Charlton Flats to JCT Leaving Fire Road

11. SMT: Fire Road JCT to Little Pines Loop

12. SMT: Little Pines Loop to North Chilao

13. SMT: North Chilao to Horse Flats

14. SMT: Horse Flats to Bandito Campground

15. SMT: Bandito Campground to Three Points

16. SMT: Three Points to Mile Marker 54.10 (A.K.A. Pacific Crest Trail)

17, SMT: Mile Marker 54.10 Crossing to Gate Crossing of Angeles Crest Highway (A.K.A. Pacific Crest Trail)

18. SMT: Gate at Angeles Highway to Cloudburst Summit (A.K.A. Pacific Crest Trail).
19. SMT: Cloudburst Summit to Cooper Canyon Campground (Under Construction)
20. SMT: Cooper Canyon Campground to JCT Burkhart Trail (Under Construction)

21. SMT: JCT Cooper Canyon Trail to JCT Rattlesnake Trail (A.K.A. Pacific Crest Trail, A.K.A. Burkhart Trail)

22. SMT (A.K.A Rattlesnake Trail and Pacific Crest Trail) to Angeles Crest Highway at Eagles Roost is closed to all users at this time to protect the mountain yellow-legged frog.

23: SMT: Eagles Roost to Angeles Crest Highway [Pleasant View Ridge]–(Under Construction)

24. SMT: Angeles Crest Highway at Mile Marker 62.50 to JCT Pleasant View Ridge (A.K.A. Pacific Crest Trail)

25. SMT: JCT Pleasant View Ridge to Islip Saddle (A.K.A. Pacific Crest Trail)

26. SMT: Islip Saddle to Little Jimmy (A.K.A. Pacific Crest Trail)

27. SMT: Little Jimmy to Windy Gap (A.K.A. Pacific Crest Trail)

28. SMT: JCT Dawson Saddle to JCT Mt. Baden-Powell (A.K.A. Pacific Crest Trail)

29. SMT: JCT Mt. Baden-Powell to Vincent Gap (A.K.A. Pacific Crest Trail)

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