Copter Ridge

Elevation: 7499′

I didn’t realize this was a peak until after I already hiked it and posted about it, see: HPS-14L.


  1. Dawson Saddle to Throop Peak (up the ridge due to icy snow on the Dawson Saddle Trail along the north face of Throop peak), PCT to Mt. Hawkins, down to Copter Ridge following the ridge (of the same name) down from Mt. Hawkins, back up to Mt. Hawkins, back up to Throop Peak (which I would skip on the way back without snow or with microspikes), and down to Dawson Saddle: 10.8 miles, 3235′ gain and loss. First Hike: 4-18-2015.

Views from Copter Ridge (Click image to view larger size)









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