Inspiration Point

Inspiration Point is a good destination to use as a halfway point for a hike.  It has picnic tables under a roof structure, shade, a great view, and is a hub that many trails connect to.  This makes it possible to create loops so that at least part of your hike isn’t simply a return along the same trail that go you to Inspiration Point.  There is also signage telling some of the history of the area and a remnant of the old one man and mule railway.

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  1. Cobb Estate to Echo Mountain to Inspiration Point via Castle Canyon: 9.2 miles, 2709′ of gain and loss
  2. Sam Merrill Trail to Inspiration Point: 11.2 miles, 2709′ of gain and loss.
  3. Muir Peak from Cobb Estate: 11.6 miles, 2947′ of gain and loss.
  4. Sam Merrill Trail, Castle Canyon Trail, East Mt. Lowe Trails to Mt. Lowe: 12.8 miles, 3862′ of gain and loss.
  5. Cobb Estate to Tom Sloan Saddle: 16 miles, 3969′ of gain and loss. 
  6. Cobb Estate to Bear Canyon Campground: 19 miles, 4619′ of gain and loss.

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