Mt. Waterman Summit Trail 1 [s]

Segment: From the Junction with the Mt. Waterman Trail to the Summit

Stats: From junction to summit: 0.75 miles, 218′ gain.  From summit to the junction: 0.75 miles, 218′ loss.  Round Trip: 1.5 miles, 218′ of gain and loss.

Last Hiked: 1-10-2018


  1. Mt. Waterman Trail to Summit: 6 miles, 1250′ of gain and loss.
  2. Mt. Waterman Loop: 6 miles, 1250′ of gain and loss.
  3. Three Points to Mt. Waterman Loop: 11.3 miles, 2,520′ of gain and loss.

View at the junction.  Turn right to go up to Mt. Waterman.  Go straight to continue on to Twin Peaks or Three Points.

The summit is a large area.  There are plenty of places to explore.  There is a junction close to the summit.  Turn left to directly make it to the summit.

If you miss the junction, there is another path you will see that will also lead you to the summit.  You can then double back along the summit and the trail will be obvious to go down (see the last photo).  Below is the view near the summit.

Once you reach the top of the trail in the picture above, you are essentially at the summit.  A trail continues heading west (right) offering more views and rocky landscape to traverse.  Eventually, you will come across an unmarked trail leading down to your right.  Here’s a view of the general area.

If you miss this junction, don’t worry, eventually, you will reach the junction of a road.  Head right down that junction until you see another road/trail and turn right again.  Follow that road/trail back (east) and that will take you back to the junction leading up to the summit.  The view down to the road from the area in the photo above looks like this:

Notice the sign in the picture above.  Go down to the sign and turn right.  This forms a small loop along the summit and will lead you back to the junction you took to the summit.   Here’s a view from the sign looking back down the trail leading back down.

More photos here

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