Hikes From Trailheads

  1. Angeles Crest Mile Marker 54.10
  2. Angeles Crest Mile Marker 56.00
  3. Angeles Crest Mile Marker 62.50 (PCT)
  4. Bailey Canyon Trailhead
  5. Baldy Notch Trailhead
  6. Burkhart Trailhead
  7. Chantry Flats Trailhead
  8. Charlton Flats (at Angeles Crest Highway)
  9. Chilao Trailhead (North T1)
  10. Chilao Trailhead (South T2)
  11. Cloudburst Summit
  12. Cobb Estate Trailhead
  13. Colby Canyon Trailhead
  14. Crystal Lake Campground Trailhead
  15. Dawson Saddle Trailhead
  16. Devil’s Canyon Trailhead
  17. Eagle’s Roost Picnic Area Trailhead
  18. East Fork Trailhead
  19. Eaton Canyon Trailhead
  20. Eaton Saddle Trailhead
  21. Icehouse  Canyon
  22. Islip Saddle
  23. Manker Flats Trailhead
  24. Millard Canyon Trailhead
  25. Mill Creek Picnic Area Trailhead
  26. Mt. Waterman Trailhead
  27. Mt. Wilson Trailhead, Sierra Madre
  28. Red Box Trailhead
  29. Rosenita Saddle Trailhead
  30. San Gabriel Peak Trailhead
  31. Silver Moccasin Trailhead at Shortcut Saddle
  32. South Fork Trailhead
  33. Switzer Picnic Area
  34. Three Points Trailhead
  35. Trail Canyon Trailhead
  36. Vincent Gap Trailhead

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