West Baldy

Elevation: 9840′


  1. Manker Flats: Road to Baldy Bowl Trail to Mt. Baldy; round trip to West Mt. Baldy; down Devil’s Backbone to Baldy Notch, down road to Manker Flats: 12.1 miles, 4279′ gain and loss. First Hike: 9-24-2012.
  2. Manker Flats: Road to JCT San Antonio Falls; Round Trip to San Antonio Falls, Road to Baldy Notch, Devils Backbone Trail to Mt. Baldy, Round Trip to West Mt. Baldy and back, Baldy Bowl Trail to Manker Flats: 12.25 miles, 4325′ gain and loss. First HIke: 9-7-2011.

360 Degree Panorama: View

Views from West Baldy (Click image to view larger size)


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