52 Hike Challenge 2018

Website: Official 52 Hike Challenge Website

I started on January 10, 2018. I altered the rules of the challenge to include only hikes in Angeles National Forest. In addition, the hikes need to be either new routes for me (marked “new” in the list below) or the hikes cover routes I haven’t done again since I started creating track maps in 2015 (marked “update” in the list below).

See my 2018 Hikes Page for route descriptions and maps for those hikes not included here.

Hike #14: Mill Creek to Mt. Pacifico Loop: Single-peak day hike, 12.3 miles, 2,250′ of gain and loss on 4-29-18,

Hike #13: Chilao Flats to Mt. Hillyer Lollipop: Single-peak day hike, 4.8 miles, 1,025′ of gain and loss on 4-21-18 (New) with Debbie, Monique, Collette, Giselle, and Jacqueline.

Hike #12: Charlton Flats to Vetter Mountain Lollipop. Single-peak day hike, 4.9 miles, 750′ of gain and loss on 4-7-2018 (New) with Debbie.

Hike #11: Millard Canyon to Dawn Mine: 6.1 miles, 1,440′ of gain and loss on 3-26-2018 (New) with Monique.

Hike #10: Trail Canyon to Falls: 4.8 miles, 930′ of gain and loss on 3-6-2018 (New).

Hike #9: Muir Peak, Inspiration Peak, and Echo Mountain Lollipop: 11.2 miles, 3,140′ of gain and loss on 2-26-2018 (New).

Hike #8: Millard Canyon to Bear Canyon Campground: 10.8 miles, 3,100′ of gain and loss on 2-18-2018 (New).

Hike #7. Colby Canyon to Josephine Peak and Strawberry Meadow/Potrero: 14.8 miles, 3,070′ of gain and loss on 2-15-2018 (New).

Hike #6. San Gabriel Peak Trailhead to Mt. Deception, Deception Plateau, Mt. Disappointment, and San Gabriel Peak: 7 miles, 2,630′ of gain and loss on 2-12-2018 (New).

Hike #5. Millard Canyon to Dawn Mine and Echo Mountain Loop: 9.5 miles, 2,280′ of gain and loss on 2-5-2018 (New).

Hike #4: Eaton Saddle to Mt. Lowe and Brown Mountain: 9.1 miles, 2,520′ of gain and loss on 1-29-2018 (New).

Hike #3: Shortcut Saddle to Vetter Mountain Lollipop: 9.3 miles, 2,390′ of gain and loss on 1-22-2018 (New).

Hike #2: Gabrieleno Trail to Oakwilde Campground Ruins and Debris Dam at the end of Paul Little Picnic Area: 11.4 miles, 1,325′ of gain and loss on 1-18-2018 (New).

Hike #1: Switzer Picnic Area to Bear Canyon Campground and Switzer Falls: 7.5 miles, 1,860′ of gain and loss on 1-15-2018 (Update).