Three Points Trailhead

Location: Three Points Google Map (Angeles Crest Highway between Newcomb’s Ranch and Camp Valcrest)

Three Points Trailhead Vicinity Map

Three Points Trailhead Vicinity Map

Note: Turn onto Sulfur Springs Road (indicated by a street sign) to reach the paved parking lot and pit toilet restroom area.  There is also a large brown highway sign at the intersection with Highway 2.  The highway sign says: “Sulphur SPR / Santa Clara Div. Rd. and gives distances to Organizational Camps, Bendito Group CG, and Horse Flat CG.”

Parking: Parking may require a National Forest Adventure Pass.

Parking Area as seen from Sulphur Spring Road / Santa Clara Div. Road (aka Horse Flats Road)


  1. Silver Moccasin Trail: Three Points to Bandito Campground: 4.4 miles, 875′ of gain and loss
  2. Silver Moccasin Trail: Three Points to Horse Flats: 5.4 miles, 1050′ of gain and loss.
  3. PCT: Three Points to Sulphur Spring Campground: 7 miles, 645′ of gain and loss.
  4. Three Points to Mt. Hillyer Lollipop: 8 miles, 1615′ of gain and loss.
  5. Three Points to Mt. Hillyer: 8.4 miles, 1605′ of gain and loss.
  6. Three Points to Mt. Waterman Loop: 11.3 miles, 2520′ of gain and loss.
  7. Three Points to Winston Peak: 11.4 miles, 1977′ of gain and loss.


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