Monument Peak, Laguna Meadow Loop

Peak: Monument Peak

Elevation: 6271′

This is a great introductory hike of the Laguna Mountains traversing portions of several trails and ecotones. Starting from the trailhead near mile marker 19 on Sunrise Highway, the loop traverses Old Country Road (paved), Agua Dulce Creek Road (not paved), The Big Laguna Trail from the JCT with Agua Dulce Creek Road to the JCT with the Pacific Crest Trail crossing Sunrise Highway, a “use trail” from the PCT to Monument Peak and back, the PCT to the Noble Canyon Trail crossing Sunrise Highway, The Big Laguna Trail through Big Laguna Meadow, Big Laguna Lake, and Water-of-the-Woods, and back to the trailhead.  Stats: About 15.1 miles and 1750′ gain. (click image to view larger size)

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