Baldy Bowl Upper “Little Bowl” Variant [s]

Segment: Off the main Baldy Bowl Trail near the summit that connects the Baldy Bowl Trail and the Devil’s Backbone Trail without reaching the summit.

Stats: About the same distance and elevation gain as continuing along the main Baldy Bowl Trail

Last Hiked: 5-23-2011

Hikes: [Under Construction]

This is a path off the main trail that goes to some great spots.  It overlooks the top of the “bowl” with views down into the “bowl” than cannot be seen along the main trail.  There is also a wonderful semi-enclosed area to hike through as it connects to the top part of the Devil’s Backbone Trail before reaching the summit.

You leave the main trail near the top and head right toward the rim.

View up main trail at the point where turning right leads to the alternate trail

View toward rim

Once you reach the rim, head up the path.  The path is similar to the last stretch of the main trail where there are multiple ways to walk it.  Just follow any path between the vegetation going to the rim whenever convenient.

Trickiest part of path near the rim (but no more tricky than parts of the Devil’s Backbone Trail).

View at the top of the “tricky” part where you head left and then continue to make your way to the rim for great views whenever convenient.

View up the path

After seeing great views down the mountain, you will come to a point where it clearly makes more sense to head away from the rim.  At that point you will find yourself heading into a fairly unique area which becomes partially enclosed in an interesting way.  Not knowing what to call it, I’ll refer to it as the “little bowl.”

View heading into the “little bowl”

View entering the “little bowl”

Once in the “little bowl” area, turn right and head up the mountain.

View up the mountain in the “little bowl” area

As you make your way up, a subtle path will emerge (similar to what one sees on the last portion of the Devil’s Backbone Trail).

Path leading to Summit

View down path with “little bowl” on the right

The top of the path connects to the top of the Devil’s Backbone Trail which leads to the summit of Mt. Baldy.

View at connection with the Devil’s Backbone Trail. The trail on the right leads down to the “little bowl” area

More photos here

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