Upper West Mt. Waterman Ridge [s]

Segment: The west ridge of Mt. Waterman to the junction with the West Mt. Waterman Trail. This segment is essentially a “hiker’s trail” that is faint in areas and requires some minor route finding skills to navigate.

Stats: From the junction with the West Mt. Waterman Trail to Mt. Waterman: 1.6 miles, 705′ of gain. From Mt Waterman the junction with the West Mt. Waterman Trail 1.6 miles, 705′ of loss. Round Trip: 3.2 miles, 705′ of gain and loss.

Last Hiked: 12-3-2017.


  1. West Mt. Waterman Trail and West Mt. Waterman Ridge to Mt. Waterman: 6.6 miles, 1,755′ of gain and loss.
  2. Three Points to Mt. Waterman Loop: 11.3 miles, 2,520′ of gain and loss.

West Mt. Waterman Ridge is split into an upper and lower portion defined by a junction with a trail (the West Mt. Waterman Trail) that leads down to the parking area at Angeles Crest Highway mile marker 54.10. The lower portion of West Mt. Waterman Ridge leads down to Three Points.

View of a tree behind small rock outcrop and wilderness sign which marks the junction leading down to Angeles Crest Highway mile marker 54.10 (north) or down to Three Points via the lower portion of the ridge (west).

The ridge is fairly wide in many spots and has many interesting rock outcrops and clearings. The trail itself will sometimes disappear. For the most part, the trail follows the north side of the ridge. No rock scrambling is required to follow the ridge.

Lots of wide areas with interesting rock outcrops provide many areas to explore. Move to the north side of the ridge to find the trail when it isn’t clear.

The ridge ends at the road at the west end of Mt. Waterman. Turn right and follow the road until it ends and then turn left and follow the trail to Mt. Waterman. Given the view from Mt. Waterman, it is easier to find the route the first time by going up from the trailhead at Angeles Crest mile marker 54.10.

View from the road at the west end of Mt. Waterman (after turning north) looking toward the west ridge. There is a large rock outcrop (below the yellow arrow) to go around before the ridgeline becomes clear.

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