Mt. Lawlor

Elevation: 5957′


  1. From Red-Box, take Barley Road to the trail to Strawberry Saddle. From Strawberry Saddle, take the Lawlor Use Trail (overgrown in places with some rock scrambling) to Mt. Lawlor. From Mt. Lawlor continue following the ridge (overgrown in some places) to Barley Flats Road and follow the road to Barley Flats. From Barley Flats, follow Barley Road (very overgrown but passable and somewhat sketchy in some areas due to the road being washed away). Note: unless some kind of maintenance is done on Barley Road between the JCT to Mt. Lawlor and the JCT to Strawberry Saddle, I would choose another route back–perhaps a shuttle hike ending by following the paved road down to Angeles Crest Highway. First Hike: 3-22-2015.

Views from Mt. Lawlor (Click image to view larger size)







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