Inspiration Peak Trail [s]

Segment: Ridge Trail from Inspiration Point to Inspiration Peak and down close to the middle of the Sam Merrill Trail between Inspiration Point and Echo Mountain.  Note: This trail isn’t on any map or documentation I have.  Thus, the name isn’t official.

Stats: From Inspiration Point to JCT Sam Merrill Trail: 1 mile, 180′ gain, 300′ loss; From JCT Sam Merrill Trail to Inspiration Point, 1 mile, 300′ gain, 180′ loss; round trip: 2 miles 480′ gain and loss.

Last Hiked: 3-5-12

Hikes: Under Construction

Trail junction at Inspiration Point.  For the Inspiration Peak Trail, go up the trail on the left.  The trail on the right leads to the 5 points area and the way around the Inspiration Peak via the Sam Merrill trail.

Easy to notice “way point” along the Sam Merrill Trail from Echo Mountain to Inspiration Point.  The Inspiration Peak junction is 180 degrees direction behind the view below.  I believe the trail in the picture below leads down to the old railway bed, but I haven’t verified that yet.

The Inspiration Peak Trail junction (straight ahead in this view) leading up to Inspiration Point.  The Sam Merrill Trail also goes up to Inspiration Point by following the trail up on the left.  The Sam Merrill Trail continued down to Echo Mountain by following the trail down on the right.

Yes, there is a trail going up the ridge from here.  You may lose it in a couple places, but keep following the ridge and you’ll get there.  More photos here.

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