Some Colorful Lizards

Wednesday I hiked to Mt. Wilson as my last training hike from my Grand Canyon Trip (I’m leaving within the hour). I enjoyed watching some colorful lizards going at it for a good ten minutes. Here’s some photos (click to enlarge). If you know what kind of lizards these are, please comment. I should have Grand Canyon photos and stories posted in around a week.

17 thoughts on “Some Colorful Lizards

  1. Gorgeous Great Basin (Western) fence lizards, Sceloporus occidentalis longipes! The males become iridescent blue during the breeding season. Very cool photos!!

    -Jack Goldfarb (herpetologist)


  2. I’m with Sue on this. He’s definitely in the Sceloporus family, and looks like a Western Fence lizard. However, he’s unusually blue. If he had more of a black collar on him I’d think he might be a Clark’s Spiny LIzard. Perhaps there’s some variant.

    Anyway, I love the “blue bellied lizards”. I’m sure you remember some of my pets!


  3. I think it is a fence lizard, Sceloporus species, most likely a western fence lizard, but there are other Sceloporus species in the Grand Canyon also. Only the males show the blue coloration on the dorsal scales.


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